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E-40 – Revenue Retrievin

Posted on 02.22.11

E.ROSE Hustle

Posted on 03.03.10

Episode #24 of Cali Mic Check. Most people don't know that the HOST of Cali Mic Check, E.ROSE is also a Hip Hop Artist! FOLLOW E.ROSE on TWITTER! www.twitter.com/ERoselyricz [watch video]

The Grouch – Show you the World

Posted on 02.15.10

Episode #23 of Cali Mic Check. The Grouch from Living Legends! E.ROSE catches him at the end of one of his sets and talks to him about his career and support for Hip-Hop. [watch video]

MISTAH FAB – I am the Bridge

Posted on 01.29.10

Episode #22 of Cali Mic Check. E.ROSE interviews MISTAH FAB. MISTAH FAB talks about how he started off in Hip Hop. He also gives his thoughts on fans and the type of music he makes. Hit him on Twitter! http://twitter.com/mistahfab [watch video]

Fashawn – Boy Meets World

Posted on 01.12.10

Episode #21 of Cali Mic Check. Catching up with the rising star Fashawn is no easy task. E.ROSE gets a second to ask Fashawn a few questions in the green room after his performance in Santa Clara. Check out his music at: http://www.myspace.com/fashawn [watch video]

Moonshine Bandits – Shiner Nation

Posted on 12.28.09

Episode #20 of Cali Mic Check. E.ROSE drinks moonshine with the Moonshine Bandits. Check out their music at: www.myspace.com/moonshinebandi ts [watch video]

One Block Radius – Broke Ass Holiday

Posted on 12.23.09

Episode #19 of Cali Mic Check. E.ROSE hangs out the green room with ONE BLOCK RADIUS where we witness everything from questions, laughter, Snuggies and nonsensical jargon. Check out their latest hit single "Broke Ass Holiday". and Seasons Greetings from E.ROSE and CALI MIC CHECK!! www.myspace.com/oneblockradius [watch video]

Guaranteed – Sons of Promise

Posted on 12.19.09

Episode #18 of Cali Mic Check. E.ROSE gets a quick interview with Guaranteed aka Sons of Promise in downtown Fresno. Find out what's next for them and check out their music at: http://www.myspace.com/guaranteedgs [watch video]


Posted on 12.16.09

Episode #17 of Cali Mic Check. Formally known as KaoeDevice, "Joe Cutter is Dead" is a member of Thunder Hut Project out of San Jose, CA. For more music by Joe Cutter is Dead go to: http://www.myspace.com/kaoedevice [watch video]

Kung Fu Vampire – Gothic Hip Hop

Posted on 12.01.09

Episode #16 of Cali Mic Check. E.ROSE travels to the lair of Kung Fu Vampire to find out what makes his style of Hip Hop so unique. For more info on Kung Fu Vampire, check out: http://www.kungfuvampire.com [watch video]

Slop Opera – Gettin Amongst It

Posted on 11.24.09

Episode #15 of Cali Mic Check. E.ROSE does a quick interview with Slop Opera at one of their shows in Santa Cruz, CA. Slop Opera is made up of 11 members total representing the West Coast. Check out more of their music at: http://www.myspace.com/slopopera24 [watch video]